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undressed: lorena alvarado

Alexandra ArchibaldComment

Lorena Alvarado is an artist who portrays the charm of a documentary style photographer but the artistic sensibility that allows it to be more than that. 

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I moved to the US to go to college in Boston, and I recently crossed the coast to settle in Los Angeles. 

I've always been interested in art. Growing up in a family of engineers, I was considered the "artistic one". But it wasn't until my Dad gave me a Pentax film camera for my birthday that I started shooting around Caracas and discovered a deep passion for photography. I shoot mostly film (I'd say like 80% of my work) but I do some digital too.

In the near future I'm working on a music video with the band "So Many Wizards". I'm hoping to translate my photography aesthetic into moving images.