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undressed: hannah lee davis

Alexandra ArchibaldComment

My name is Hannah Lee Davis, I am a photographer, writer, literary lover, and student of the world. I am currently residing in Philadelphia. I am drawn to people and one’s natural beauty, I think thats what drives my interest. I have always loved capturing people in their natural state. I find a portrait of someone can tell a story full of a thousand words, that to me is the allure of photography. 

What I love most about film is the raw and organic style of it. Even with shooting digital one cannot perfectly replicate the purity of an image film produces. I also find film a lot easier because it is less about technology and more about composition and talent, film challenges a photographer because they have less gadgets to work with. 

People I follow on social media and people I know personally have all really inspired me to shoot film. Muses such as, Lauryn Holmquist, Alexandra Spencer, Stevie Dance, Camille Rowe, Melodi Meadows are all people I admire and adore and one day hope to work with. Other photographers challenge my work, a good friend of mine is a very talented film photographer, his work is brilliant and seeing it only makes me want to work harder and create even better pictures. Photographers such as Brydie Mack, Hannah Hiller, Davy Kesey I adore greatly. Steve McCurry’s work is what I look up to most, he has the ability to tell that story and capturing a moment, a feeling, is what I aspire to do with my work. 

I am really excited to work on some shoots in places and with people I’ve been dying to work with. I constantly have creative ideas but it is a challenge to get everything perfectly in place and have a shoot. Over the next fews months I will be working on developing my #girlsonfilm page and producing that idea on a bigger level with beautiful girls and awesome people. 


visit: @hannahleedd